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A/Q Wiring Service Customer: Mike Pollard
1962 Ford Falcon Drag Race Car

Mike and Amy Pollard's 1962 Ford Falcon

To date, Mike's Falcon is the most extensive automotive wiring project (outside of my own cars) that I've been involved with.  When it was all said and done, every electrical system on this car was replaced and/or upgraded -- the list includes:

The work was accomplished in Mike's garage, using a combination of pre-built wiring kits and harnesses constructed on-site.  The system design began prior to project start, with much of the details worked out as they came along.  A large aluminum plate was designed to accommodate the ignition box, starter solenoid and relays for the electric fans and water pump.  With an auxiliary power supply on hand I was able to test most all of the systems as they were completed.

Here are some pictures of the car and the main power panel:

  1. Front 3/4 shot (150k file)
  2. Rear 3/4 shot (156k file)
  3. Main power panel during construction (119k file)
  4. Main power panel during initial fitting in the passenger's side footwell (83k file)

Over 40 hours later the Falcon's electrical system was totally functional the first time the engine was started.  Recently, Mike decided to upgrade the powerplant and replace the original tach with a recording tach -- here's more pictures:

  1. Upgraded ignition panel (266k file)
  2. Ignition magnetic pickup wire routed and clamped (271k file)
  3. Coil installed on engine plate and wires routed to it (229k file)
  4. New recording tach installed.  Small modular plug (to the left of instrument panel) is for a switch (shown sitting on top of the dash) that is now mounted on the steering wheel (257k file)

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