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A/Q Wiring Service Customer: Larry "Bubba" Harvey, Jr.
Dirt Track Modified Race Cars

'Bubba' Harvey's Dirt-Track Modified
Photo courtesy of Mr. Ron Haw, PictureMeRacing

"Bubba" has been an A/Q customer for years, in circle-track race cars for both asphalt and dirt tracks.  I began working on his cars when he would race the dirt track at Lakeside Speedway on Friday nights and then take the long drive out to Dodge City, Kansas for the asphalt track at Dodge City Raceway Park on Saturday nights.

These Modified class cars are the feature class at Lakeside -- methanol-burning monsters that thrill the crowds with their sideways-through-the-corner, wheel-to-wheel action.  With stiff competition only inches away, this is no place for your electrical system to give you trouble.  With two dirt-track modifieds, he keeps us busy.  Here's the typical equipment on one of his cars:

The work was accomplished at Bubba's shop, using a pre-built instrument panel and harness constructed on-site.  The system design is typical of the A/Q-equipped circle-track cars over the years, the most important feature is routing the wires to insure they are away from any heat sources and also placed to provide maximum protection from track debris.

Here are some pictures of the car and the wiring installation:

  1. "Bubba" working his way through a turn at Lakeside -- photo courtesy of Mr. Ron Haw. (203k file)
  2. Main power terminal board, showing constant-on power, switched-on power, and ground connections (209k file)
  3. Right-hand side of the car (under the horizontal panel), showing the routing of the battery power wire, alternator charging wire, and power wires to the ignition and starter switches (155k file)
  4. Remote starter solenoid and wires connected to it (194k file)
  5. Battery safety disconnect switch, showing auxiliary connections for alternator charge wire disconnect (161k file)

We are proud to have wired Bubba's cars for several years now, and look forward to working for him in the future.

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