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A/Q Wiring Service Customer: Chelsea Snyder Racing

Chelsea Snyder Racing Logo

Chelsea racing her RX-7, 1999  Chelsea

Ken  Ken Racing Chelsea's RX-7, 2000

One seriously different animal.  After starting autocrossing (SCCA Solo Events) in 1997 in my Starfire, we decided to move into running Chelsea's Mazda RX-7 beginning in 1998.  Much like my Starfire, this was a street-driven car -- but with several modifications.  Some of the major upgrades were to convert the ignition system to use an aftermarket ignition box, the fuel pump to a higher-volume model, and the addition of an air/fuel ratio meter utilizing an o2 sensor.

Our efforts paid off by Chelsea winning the Kansas City Region, SCCA's "C" Street Prepared Ladies class championship in 1998, 1999 and 2000, as well as my (Ken) "C" Street Prepared Open class championship in 1999.

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