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A/Q Wiring Service
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Providing Aircraft Quality Electrical Systems Design, Installation & Service For Race Cars Since 1991

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Pollard's electrical panelWhy Should I Use Your Service?  If you're comfortable installing the electrical system in your race car, then by all means do it yourself!  A/Q is not about doing work that you can accomplish on your own.  I want to provide a service for those out there who do not want to do this work themselves.  In one call, you can go from no wiring to a car electrically ready to race.
I design and install the entire electrical system from the battery out, using the same practices and some of the same equipment that commercial and military aircraft rely on for trouble-free electrical systems operation.

What Qualifications Do You Have?  I began my career in Avionics in 1980 with intense schooling in the Marine Corps by Navy personnel in Memphis, Tennessee.  From there, I went to El Toro, California, where I was further trained in the upkeep of the electrical/electronic systems on high performance jet-powered attack aircraft.  After I was discharged from active duty in the Marines I began my career in commercial jet aircraft, working for a large carrier here in Kansas City, and also affiliating with the Marine Corps Reserve where I also worked on military aircraft until 1986.  My military career resumed in 2003 with the Kansas Air National Guard, once again working in the avionics field. I retired from the Air National Guard in 2019, and now work full-time in electrical/electronics engineering. Stock car from 1992

In 1991, I performed my first wiring work on a race car when I wired my own car, racing in the Chargers Division at Lakeside and I-70 Speedways here in the Kansas City area.  Since then, I have worked on cars that raced on both dirt and asphalt circle tracks, quarter-mile drag strips and autocross courses as well as my own cars.

Where Do You Perform Your Work?  Just about anywhere!  I make local "house calls"; so long as the car is ready, I can work on it at your home or shop.  If in doubt, just give me a call.  I'll be happy to discuss any arrangements!

We Already Have Some Parts, Can You Work With Them?  As long as they meet A/Q standards of quality, I'll be happy to use them!  Pre-wired panels are just fine with me, and anything you want to provide in the way of gauges, lights, ignition systems, etc. I can work with.  Just be sure to provide the wiring diagrams provided with the components.

What Is Your Guarantee?  Simply put, if it breaks, and it is due to our installation, I fix it-no charge.  Even if it wasn't a fault of the installation (accident or equipment failure), I'll work with you on the charges. So far, I've not had a single problem with any system I've installed.

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